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Stump Removal

Once you have had your tree removed, we can either apply poison to the stump which would eventually in time kill of the roots, or, you could have the stump ground out. Utilising modern and efficient machinery, we can tackle any size stump, from just a few inches in diameter and upwards.

We have two machines which enable us to do all sizes of stumps, the smaller machine enables us to access stumps with limited access.

When a stump is ground, the grinder is placed over the stump and a vertical blade grinds down into the stump, approx. 18” deep for the larger machine, leaving a mulch. We do not remove the mulch from site within the cost quoted, we find it is best to refill the hole with it, or spread it on any flower beds in your garden. Removal of the mulch can be done at an additional cost if required.